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UNITRANS is a small company with residence in Dolni Rychnov (near the town Sokolov, approx. in the middle of the region of Karlovy Vary), that runs international truck transport with the intent on dry-bulk tanks transporting. Performing mainly within the borders of the EU, our company shall soon celebrate its 15th anniversary on the dry-bulk transport market. In order to meet our client’s wishes and to maintain the image of a reliable company, we always try to honor delivery dates and to ensure trouble-free unloading with emphasis on cleanliness and noise level. We also insist on the high quality and workmanship of our truck-drivers, who attend driver courses on regular basis and undergo tests necessary for this special kind of transport. “TO BE THERE FOR YOU NON-STOP” has always been our motto and a goal, we always yearn to achieve. Newly, we can offer our clients the transport of oversizes on platform trailer or classic transport on this trailer and assistance services in cooperation with the company AUTO 3000.


The requirements on modern transport, so as the constant press on lowering of the transport costs, forces us and all other carriers to use our trucks to full capacity. Regarding these circumstances, we regularly cooperate with carriers with stronger positions in the transport business, such as Lagarde.